Aug 3, 2013

#giorgiomoroder @kiddbogart (at The Village Recording Studios)

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Jul 21, 2013

#regram @antchtastic ūüíé

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Jul 4, 2013


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Jun 12, 2013


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May 25, 2013

#valleyofthedolls #popartselfie (at Photoplay Video and DVD)

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Apr 28, 2013

#Air #water #body same temperature

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Apr 11, 2013

Tucked away deep in Laurel Canyon #lynchian (at Wonderland City And Ocean View)

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Mar 6, 2013

Paris s'éveille

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Feb 23, 2013

My world (at Hancock Park)

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Feb 14, 2013

Red levels for you

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Feb 11, 2013

he drove us through the canyons and then it all melted down in the flats

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Jan 28, 2013

string theory 

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Nov 28, 2012

Say you will

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Nov 22, 2012

Deconstructing Harry,  Woody Allen

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Nov 15, 2012

It’s time you got out of my dreams.

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Nov 7, 2012

Need to Know is a psychosexual fairy tale, filtered through a
dreamlike remembrance of late night 80’s perfume commercials and
pay-per view soft-core thrillers. The female protagonist waits in a
state of drugged-out, compulsive suspense, while a faceless driver
relentlessly approaches through the night.  His intentions are
possessive and malicious, but in the end she turns the tables on him,
revealing herself to be both Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.
All the effects are based on the slowing down
or speeding up of time, to create the sense of non-linear
disorientation we experience in nightmares and destructive love

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Aug 31, 2012

word of the day

Brooklust; intransitive verb 1. lustful desire that happens during August in Brooklyn 2. an unfortunate hookup due to extreme heat, humidity and boredom 3. what everyone else thinks is happening in Brooklyn. 

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Aug 18, 2012

Tunnel (Taken with Instagram)

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